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Rainy wedding

Everyone has access to a camera, anyone can take a photograph, everyone can even take a good photograph.

The skill is to take good photographs over and over again, in ever changing situations, under pressure.

Professional photographers have access to a wide array of equipment. This equipment when used in the correct way and understood to its full capacity enables us to capture inspiring photographs in the worst conditions.

To gain the knowledge of how to get the full potential from the equipment, many hours is spent taking photographs, practising, making mistakes and repeating until perfection is achieved.

There is an art to mastering techniques used in photography, and how to use the complex equipment to it full potential.

Being a wedding photographer means working in many different situations, from bright sunny days to cold wet winter mornings.

I have attended indepth training focusing on using speedlights (Flash). Using speedlights opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Many photographers think there is a dark art to using speedlights and choose to never use them.

The speedlight enables wet weddings to become magical, bright sunny backgrounds to be captured and enhanced rather than washed out as bright blur. Grey overcast sky's can become dramatic and add atmosphere to your wedding photographs.

Poorly lit interiors can be subtly lit to create a warm feel.

Star Burst

Taken with the sun behind the couple these images would be impossible to do without using speedlights. Using the speedlights counter acts the sun and stops the couple from becoming silhouettes against the bright background.

The Veil

Our eyes are far more complex than a camera. What we see is not what a camera can turn in to a photograph.

It is possible to manipulate light and create a picture that captures a magical moment from your wedding day.

Using a professional camera, speedlights, the puddle, one wet photographer (me). The light was manipulated to create this stunning wedding photograph.


I have worked alongside a top UK photographer and now trained with one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers to develop in depth knowledge of using speedlights and other creative techniques enabling me to deliver a stunning wedding album bringing you lasting memories of your wedding day.

To see more example photographs using these techniques please view this gallery.

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